Ira Bilofsky, LCSW is a Counselor in North Wales, PA

With Ira Bilofsky, LCSW, the mission is to improve mental health through personalized treatment and therapy sessions. The counseling services that I offer provide relief to my client's health through the utilization of my services. I have offered the highest quality counseling services to North Wales, PA for over 25 years. My education and work experience has allowed me to create an alternative approach and solutions that have proven beneficial for stress and anxiety relief. The services that I specialize in include anxiety therapy, depression therapy anger management therapy, stress management group sessions, and couples/marriage therapy. To suit your specific needs, I provide teen, child, marital, couples, as well as individual therapy

Ira Bilofsky, LCSW applies extensive therapeutic knowledge to better serve individuals, couples and families needs. A few of my offered services include OCD treatmentassessment and support for children and adults with eating disorders and ADHD. I have experience with assisting children who suffer from depression and anxiety. Utilizing depression and Anxiety therapy to comfort them through their time of need. Call me today to learn more about my affordable and reliable mental health services.

Anger management group classes start every 11 weeks please call for more information!

Ira Bilofsky, LCSW is a Counselor in North Wales, PA
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